A Melodic Mantra for the journey ohm. Over the course of three days in the jungle at the Osho ashram (MEXICO) ^^We created this piece of art. In reality this is the product of many years of self studying, healing, ceremonial work, now being translated through this art form of music and poetry. We took a hiatus from writing, to rebuild myself. A lonewolf journey inside helped inspire this creativity. Naturally and ever so swfitly the words came out. To me these teachings are part of a higher purpose that extends far beyond my own importance. We like to call it medicine music for the soul, that which is meant to bring back awareness to the higher self. God willing, there will be more. Stay patient 🙂 Thank you to Daniel Maduro for willing to come for a casual half hour walk with me in the jungle to film this peace of art, also to my new friend Erik Ozen for assisting as well. As for the music, We honestly found this in my computer system downloaded from an anonymous producer who put it out as a free download. Found ourselves unaware at the time that it would serve as a platform to create something that we would share with the world. We hope we can connect so we credit your creative energy properly and if you happen to come across this art, please get in contact with us as we would love to do more music with you. Thank you for sharing your music, familiar stranger. This was a very spontaneous creative process, working with whatever tools we had available. Everything was recorded with the built in lap top mic, and whatever editing software that was pre installed. we believe the message exceeds the importance of whatever techincal software it was produced with. Remember, It’s what on the inside that counts the most. All in due time, all the other pieces will come together as it meant to. Stay patient..

“STAY” January 2018 SHOT by Daniel Maduro WRITTEN DIRECTED EDITED by Nereo Zorro (s c e n e r e 0 )

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