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                  love is the fire
         yes bhagwan yes, drink from life
       how beautiful this mystery
                  touched by your beauty
            song in my life
                                 one breath
           master's garden
                  into the wind
                        sweet sweet bhagwan
         dance celebration
    listen to the wind

  when i look into your eyes
                   strong my roots
   altitude of your love
       we are the people
    blessed one silent friend
       nothing is said nothing is heard
     the 3 gachchamis
              love in our heart, we rejoice
                               haleluya thank you for being
       mevlana bhagwan
               the feeling of your love, bhagwan

                               just say yes
                           universe is singing a song
                 this precious moment
                                          till i was loved by you
                                   never born never died
                one ordinary man has changed my life
                        higher and higher

       this is nor ordinary night
                       when i see your face ecstacy
            dance your way to freedom
       in wonder
    so much magnificence
                        home is where the heart is